How to DIY Paint a Barbecue

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How to DIY Paint a Barbecue

How to DIY Paint a Barbecue


 – Step 1: Clean your barbecue thoroughly

 – Step 2: Sand the barbecue

 – Step 3: Paint your barbecue

 If your barbecue has deteriorated over time, it is possible to give it a new lease on life by painting it.

 Be careful; you have to paint the outside of your barbecue, not the inside. The parts exposed to the flames can be cleaned but not painted!

 To do this, use a suitable paint resistant to high heat (over 250°C) after carefully cleaning and sanding your barbecue. The excellent preparation of the support is essential for the good behavior of the paint!

Here are the materials and steps required to paint a barbecue.

Equipment needed to paint a barbecue.

 Wire brush 


 Oven cleaner 


 Protective mask 

 Sanding paper 

 Special high temperature paint 


 1. Clean your barbecue thoroughly

 Before painting your barbecue, you need to prepare the walls and clean them thoroughly. To do this:

 – Brush the walls vigorously with a wire brush to remove any residue.

 – Spray the walls to be painted with oven cleaner.

 – Leave for the time specified by the manufacturer.

 – Rinse with a sponge soaked in soapy water.

 – Rinse thoroughly with a sponge soaked in clear water.

 – Dry with a cloth and wait for complete drying before painting.

 Note: Oven stripper is a powerful detergent. It is not generally recommended for cleaning a barbecue because it strips it. But since your goal is to repaint your barbecue, don’t hesitate!

 2. Sand the barbecue

 Once clean, sanding the barbecue allows you to remove the paint still in place. This step is essential for a successful and durable final result.

 – If possible, disassemble your barbecue so that you can carefully sand each part to be repainted.

 – Rub vigorously with sandpaper until all the paint has been removed.

 – In the end, there should be no paint or rust on the parts of your barbecue to be repainted.

 3. Paint your barbecue


 Once your barbecue has been cleaned and sanded, it is time to paint it. To do this, use a special high-temperature paint available in a can or spray can.

 If possible, paint each element separately after disassembling them.

 – Brush on:

 ◦ Mix the paint thoroughly.

 ◦ Apply the paint with a flat brush in a not too thick layer.

 – With a spray can:

 ◦ Even if you are painting outdoors, it is best to wear a protective mask.

 ◦ Shake the can well.

 ◦ Spray the paint while holding the can upright and 30 cm from the surface to be painted.

 ◦ Move the can parallel to the surface, not staying in one place for too long to avoid thick coats and drips.

 Once this first coat has been applied, allow drying completely. Then use a second coat in the same manner as the first.

 Finally, light a fire in your barbecue once the second coat is dry. This allows the paint to set permanently and eliminates foul odors.

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