Transforming Your Old Items Into Decorative Items

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Today, many programs encourage recycling. Indeed, the population is almost aware of preserving the environment and as such, reusing old objects is a good idea. Find out how to transform old things into original decorative items in this article. It is a win-win situation if you ask me; you are saving money on decoration and recycling and DIYing old items that would otherwise be in land fields.

Old jeans


We all agree that everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their closet. Recycling them would be a good idea. You can use them for craft projects, to cover objects like pencil jars, make small handbags or small decorative cushions, as it is a multipurpose object. You can also use your imagination to come up with other decorative ideas.

Delivery boxes

Lately, online ordering has been on the rise, and delivered cardboard boxes are piling up at home. Before tossing them in the trash, consider creating items for the kids. Also, try painting them to create something pretty. Home decorating is an art project that can be done as a family.

Cereal boxes

Cereal boxes are one of the everyday items that can be used to create original items. With some basic crafting skills, you can create pockets or storage bins, for example. Children can store their little notebooks or drawing books, etc.

Plastic containers

You have a lot of small objects scattered around your house, and you can’t find a way to put them in order? It’s simple, screw the lid of all the containers to a wooden board. After that, all you have to do is to classify all the small objects like nails or screws in them. This will make it easier to store them in each room.

Masson jars


These are items that accumulate in large quantities in the pantry. To turn them into something useful, put plants in them, incredibly decorative ones.

Tin cans

When cans are empty, we usually throw them in the recycling bin. This is a good idea, but with a bit of creativity, a little paint, and some decorations, they can be reused to store pencils, various utensils, etc.

Toilet paper rolls

If you like to craft with your kids or make decorative items, toilet paper or paper towel rolls are very useful. You can make gift boxes or party hats for the kids.

Beer cartons

Just add sticker paper to decorate the cartons. However, they are not very strong, so add heavy-duty masking tape to reinforce the bottom.

Cutting Tape Rolls

Since most are made of cardboard, add a bottom with patterned sticker paper like a cereal box. You can use it as a container for jewellery or other items.

Paint cans


Once empty, they can be used for a variety of purposes as an ice bucket to cool drinks. With a bit of tinkering, they can be reused for practical purposes.

Worn clothing

They can be turned into a necklace or bracelet with holes or wear.

Coffee cans

Coffee cans can be transformed into garbage bag dispensers with a bit of paint with their lids.

Final thoughts

You can upcycle most of the things that you no longer use in your home, and you can do so by crafting this old shabby material into new items and giving them a new life by turning them into decorations. If you are on a budget, upcycling those old materials that you have lying around can be easily made into decorations, and you can take inspiration for the above items and how you can transform them.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what your favorite thrift store is.

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