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If you are new to the DIY world, then this blog is going to be your “Holy Grail”! I have compiled ten commandments of DIY to ease your new venture into this world. So get the notebook ready and start jotting down the important points.



1. Know Yourself
If you haven’t seen any screwdriver in your life, then maybe you need to learn more about the basics first then dive into the world of DIY. Keep track of your progress while knowing when to use each tool.

2. Know The Tools
Differentiate the tools first. Don’t be in a rush to learn all at one go. Give yourself time to learn about the functioning of each tool. You have the manual and going through isn’t a shame! Go through tutorials as a precaution.

3. Know The Job
If you have the idea and amount of time and budget needed for this job, then it is okay for you to move into DIY. If the job is all about steps, then don’t give up easily. Keep in mind that the end result is what you want.

4. Always Have A Plan B Ready
DIY fails are sure going to happen for any first-timer, even for the most experienced it does! Always be ready with a Plan B to be able to overcome the failure of Plan A.

5. Be Patient
You are not The Flash or Hermione Granger. And it’s okay, you need to be patient with yourself in learning new things. Take your time.

6. Use The Right Tools
After learning the difference, know which tool will aid and ensure the safety of the job. If you don’t have the tool at home, you can always rent it out!


7. Consider The Materials
Toxicity, durability, and practicality are things you need to consider when planning a new DIY project.

8. Safety
Maybe you think you can come out of a new DIY project unhurt but better take your precaution first! Be sure to take your time and use the proper safety gear.

9. Ask For Help
Doing a job alone can sometimes be considered as a fool’s errand. Asking for help is okay as long as you’re safe. You can ask someone who has experience in DIY to help you out for holding an iron sheet or the ladder. Just be humble!

10. Learn To Enjoy
DIY is all about fun! Have fun while learning the essential basics of DIY.

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