How to Stain Wooden Furniture?

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Who wouldn’t like to see their wooden furniture back to its original shine and elegance? Wood is a material that progressively loses its beauty when it is not well maintained. Moreover, it is much more vulnerable to wear and tear. Faced with these two eventualities, wood stain is the best solution. But how do you achieve this beneficial work?

Choosing the type of stain


Choosing the right type of stain is not an easy task, especially if you are not an expert in the field. However, there are two important factors that can help guide you in your selection. These are the type of wood to be stained and the desired end result.

Type of stain according to the type of wood

Choosing the type of stain begins with the type of wood to be stained. By type of wood, we mean interior and exterior furniture. When it comes to outdoor furniture, it is important to choose a stain that provides much better coverage (darker colors).

Moreover, furniture intended for outdoor use is much more exposed to the weather. To mask the ageing and correct the imperfections, matte stains are more recommended.

Type of stain according to the expected result


Stain protects woodwork from damage and also gives it back its sparkling appearance. If the objective is to protect outdoor furniture against natural and climatic aggressions, a certified high protection stain is required. It is a stain that is at the same time:

  • Permeable
  • Water repellent
  • Protective
  • Microporous

To preserve the natural design of wood furniture, glazed stain and light colors are more suitable. On the other hand, if the objective is to obtain a rustic style woodwork, white stain is undeniably the ideal option.

Application of the stain on wooden furniture

Preparing the furniture to be stained


The good news about stain is that it can be applied to almost any wood furniture. Whether it’s new or old wood, the stain fits the woodwork impeccably. In addition, the existing coat does not really need to be removed before applying the new one. However, it is important to ensure that the stain penetrates deep into the wood for maximum effectiveness.

To do this, you must first clean the furniture to be coated. Then, among the various steps to follow to stain its wooden furniture is identified the sanding. The sanding allows the furniture to receive and absorb the stain.

The application of the product

When it comes to stain, it is advisable not to skimp on the quantity. Indeed, the stain is spread on the furniture generously for a perfect result. To do this, the brush is our working tool. With the brush, draw lines on the wood in the direction of the length until covering the entire surface. For more efficiency, it is preferable to apply two successive coats.

However, the application of the two coats should be spaced approximately 12 hours apart. Once the two coats of stain paint have been applied, allow to dry for approximately 24 hours for perfect permeability.

How to stain your wood furniture?


Stain painting is a work that is obviously the expertise of painters. Indeed, for more than satisfactory results, professionals in the field are of great help. Speaking of professionals in the field, it is normal that we indulge in a puzzle to know who we are talking about.

We are simply talking about the woodworking professionals. Woodworkers are the most sought after for this mission. These experts know how to make the right choice of stain and also master the behavior of each type of wood.

Nevertheless, it is possible to stain your wooden furniture yourself thanks to our tips. These tips allow anyone to stain their furniture like a pro.

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