Stylish DIY Rug Ideas for Your Home (Part 2)

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Stylish DIY Rug Ideas for Your Home (Part 2)

Rugs may be excessively expensive at times, and it can be difficult to locate one that complements the colors in your home. So why not try making your own? Let’s look at some simple DIY rug ideas!


Chevron Rug Made With Friendship Bracelet


Chevron Rug Made With Friendship Bracelet

I couldn’t wait to weave a friendship rug out of all those vibrant colors and patterns after hearing that friendship bracelets were back in style.


You will require the following materials:


Two sets of five different fabrics, scissors, needle, thread, tape


Instructions for Making the Friendship Bracelet Chevron Rug:


Step 1: Begin by aligning the five colors in the order you want them to appear in rows on the rug.


Step 2: Match the colors on the other side of the line to make 10 pieces.


Step 3: Make the number 4 with the first piece of cloth on the left and the second piece.


Step 4: Finally, slip the first piece beneath the second piece and tie it, bringing it all the way up to the top.


Step 5: After completing the first piece, proceed to the next piece of cloth and continue the process. Continue to the color’s center.


Step 6: Begin working from the opposite side, traveling from the right to the center, and remember to invert the number 4.


Step 7: Tie the two materials together where they meet in the center.


Step 8: Continue on to the next row and repeat the process.


Step 9: Continue working until you have reached your desired length.


Step 10: When you start a new one, simply repeat the process in the same color arrangement.


Step 11: Using a needle and thread, sew the two together. You may sew yours such that they go in different directions.


Step 12: Trim the ends so they blend into the first layer of color.


Step 13: Stitch the ends to the first layer so they are securely fastened and cannot slip out. Finally, you’ve finished your rug!


Make a Crochet Rug Out of Recycled T-Shirts


Make a Crochet Rug Out of Recycled T-Shirts

Step 1: The first thing you should do is locate the right cloth. Choose t-shirts that are largely or entirely cotton and have no or very little design on them, preferably only above the armpit. You’ll also need a pretty constant fabric weight, so don’t mix a Hanes t-shirt with a paper-thin cotton shirt.


Step 2: The second step is to make your yarn. There are various t-shirt yarn techniques on the internet, so you may attempt any of them or this one. Cut the shirt below the arm line and below any print, then fold the t-shirt from one side to the other, leaving about 1 inch between the ends.


Now, instead of the 1 inch allowance, cut the t-shirt into 1.5 inch strips. Let me inform you that thicker strips will result in a thicker yarn, therefore don’t cut your strips too thin or the yarn will not form. To view your 1 inch allowance, open up the shirt. Then, beginning from the hem, cut on a slant from one strip to the next across the allowance, connecting all the strips together.


Stage 3 – Crochet: For a thick weave, I recommend using a single crochet for this step. Because you will be crocheting in the round, it is preferable, to begin with a magic circle or the Chain 2 technique. These methods are easily accessible over the Internet.


Then, using the largest crochet hook you have available, such as a size Q, begin with 6 single crochets in the first round, double it to 12 in the second round, and gradually increase by multiples of 6 after that. Alternatively, you might begin with 4 single crochets, double to 8, and then count your way around.


If your work is curling up, you’ll need to add extra stitches in the round. However, if the work is ruffled, you may either take it apart and not add as many stitches, or you can perform a round with no increases. You may also try alternating where you make the increments to retain the round form. Because of the bulge caused by the extra stitch, if you increase in the same area each round, you will end up with a polygon rather than a circle.


When you run out of a specific shirt, tie it to the next shirt with a little knot and keep continuing until you reach your desired size or the end of your t-shirt stockpile, then draw the end through the last loop and squeeze tight. Then weave in all the loose ends.


And there you have it: your crochet rug is complete!


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