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We all the know the benefits of growing your own vegetables. With high prices, it is more efficient to have your own little vegetable ‘market’! In this blog, we’ll be talking about how you can create your own vegetable garden.

Make use of the space available
Finding the right spot for your vegetable pots can be tricky, especially if you live in a small apartment. However, your balcony or roof can make for a great space to keep your vegetable pots. Make sure the plants receive enough sunlight and are shielded against strong winds.

One thing to keep in mind is to avoid putting your pots under big trees. This can prevent the growth of the plants and diminish its productivity. It is important to make a plan before actually creating your vegetable garden. This will help you know about the different vegetables that you want to grow and how to organize the space available.

Preparing your soil
After the plan, it is now time to prepare your soil and vegetable grains. These tips can help you create fertile soils:

• Remove all the weeds present in your garden. Make sure you remove the roots as well. This can be achieved with a garden tiller that helps remove grass below your garden bed.
• Ensure the soil has all the correct conditions, such as water and air. Also, choose a spot that is exposed to sunlight.
• Use compost to increase the fertility of your soil. Organic compost works best. You could also add worm castings to the soil, this will help your soil retain water and help stimulate plant growth. 

Crop rotation
Crop rotation is one of the most important rules in vegetable gardening. It aims to prevent the gradual deterioration of the soil, limit the growth of weeds, and keep the soil fertile. The whole concept of crop rotation is to avoid introducing new crops from the same botanical family from one year to the next. Vegetables are classified into three main categories, namely; legumes, root vegetables, and leafy vegetables.

Keep in mind that crop rotation takes time to complete and you have to remain committed to rotating different types of crops every year over a period of years.

And that’s it! Now you can begin choosing your plants, where you would like to plant them, and finally growing the healthy, organic vegetables you’ve always wanted!

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