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Flowers can change the feel of any room. With the bright colors available, you can add color, follow your home theme, or just compliment a room that is missing a focal feature. The only problem is that real flowers die. They wilt away and soon look unattractive. This means that the lovely vase you have remains empty for days until you can replace them, and with flowers becoming more and more expensive that could mean weeks! So in between having and not having fresh flowers, why not consider origami?

Origami is a centuries-old Japanese paper folding art. The word blends the Japanese for folding (ori) and paper (kami) to create origami – literally folding paper. There is typically no glue involved in the process, and an object can be created with a single square sheet of paper. The alternative, which many origami practitioners shun, is the art of kirigami which requires the use of cuts in the paper. Listed below are a few examples of origami flowers that you can search for online. Origami is a very popular craft and there are many websites dedicated to providing tutorials on a number of different flowers, animals, and practically anything else.

Traditional origami lily
This is a classic, and wonderful place to start your paper folding adventures. There are a number of tutorials to follow online, but this one by Howcast on YouTube is particularly helpful.

Square base origami flower
This simple boutonnière style flower has four petals and can be made from one square base with no hassles.

Origami tulips
Origami tulips are easy to fold and look gorgeous in any decorative setting. There is also an accompanying stem that you can fold and add to your tulip flower.

Origami sunflower
Symbolic of the sun and love, sunflowers are a vibrant and cheerful flower that is reminiscent of summer and can really brighten up any room and possibly even any mood!

Origami roses
There are two ways to fold roses, and both are gorgeous. The first is an “Origami Twisty Rose” – this simple fold takes a few minutes to complete and will look great in a bowl or tied together with other roses to form a garland. The “Origami Box Flower Rose” is a bit more complex – this unique model comes complete with petals and leaves. The fold starts as a box and quickly transforms into a lovely rose.

Whatever you choose origami flowers are sure to please and add a creative touch to your home!

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