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A daybed is a perfect place to curl up reading a book with a glass of your favorite wine or just to take a nap! It can be both indoors and outdoors. If you’re kind of new to the idea of a daybed, then this blog is totally for you.

You will need:

• 6*6 2 pieces cut to 33” each
• Deck boards measure it to the length of your mattress
• 1*2 | 4 pieces cut to 33”
• Screws
• Wood glue
• Drill
• DIY mattress

1. Cut your wood to length. Sand all edges and paint them to the color you desire.

2. Lay deck boards face down. Added up this forms 39” wide.

3. Position the 6*6 12 inches from the edge.

4. Place the 1*2’s on both sides of the 6*6 and screw the 1*2’s into place, make sure that it sits across all of the boards. Be sure that both sides are equal and stable.

5. Take the base and install it in the room where you want the bed to be placed.

6. For the mattress, you will need a soft yet thick foam, few fiber materials, a large utility fabric of your choice, needle, and thread. Cut out a large piece and sew it close using your machine. Leave one side open to stuff the mattress later on.

7. After the stuffing is done, sew it close and decorate it using different fabrics.

8. Place the platform in the room and then the mattress.

9. Adorn it with some cushions and your daybed is ready!


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