How to Make a Pallet Coat Rack

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pallet coat rack

How to Make a Pallet Coat Rack



Step 1: Choose your wooden pallets

Step 2: Dismantle the pallet

Step 3: Sand and clean the tray

Step 4: Paint the structure of the coat rack

Step 5: Attach the pegs and hooks to the coat rack


Making a pallet coat rack does not require any special DIY skills. You only need a few tools, a scrap pallet, and a few hours of work. Thanks to this step-by-step, you will obtain an original piece of furniture that will personalize your entry in a spirit of “recovery”.

 1. Choose your wooden pallets

There are two types of pallets.


  • The returnable pallets are marked “EUR EPAL”. They are intended for the transport of goods abroad. They are heavy and solid but very difficult to dismantle. They must be treated and painted.
  • Unmarked disposable pallets: made of raw wood and are more easily dismantled. They are not treated or returnable. They can be picked up in shops, DIY stores, or building sites. Choose this type of pallet.

2. Dismantle the pallet

Only the top tray of the pallet is used to make the entrance cabinet. Therefore, you must remove the lower crosspieces and wooden cubes. There are three ways to dismantle a pallet. 

Case 1: with a hammer and a crowbar 

 – Lay the pallet on its side.

 – Tap with the hammer on the wooden blocks.

 – Tap on each cube held by the same board, alternating.

 – Insert the crowbar between the wooden cube and the board.

 – Lift it entirely off the board.

Case 2: with a hammer, a brick chisel, and a crowbar

 – Insert the brick chisel between the board and the cube.

 – Tap the hammer on the brick chisel to cut the nails.

Case 3: with a long clamp

 – Place the pallet upside down.

 – Insert a wooden cube into the clamp.

 – Clamp it.

 – Lever the clamp with the handle.

 – Alternate each wooden cube attached to the same board.

 – Remove all the wood cubes and bottom rails from the pallet.

 – Keep only the top board.

3. Sand and clean the tray

 – Sand the entire surface of the board using a coarse grit to remove any rough spots.

 – Re-sand with a finer grit to achieve a smoother appearance.

 – Remove dust and clean with soap and water.

 – Let dry.

4. Paint the coat rack structure

pallet coat rack

 – Apply an undercoat of paint.

 – Let dry for the time indicated.

 – Paint the entire pallet, paying particular attention to all corners.

 – Let dry.

Note: raw wood is very absorbent, so use enough paint.

5. Attach the coat hooks and pegs

This hallway unit is fully modular. The number of hooks and shelves depends on your needs.

 – Use a pencil to mark the desired location of the coat hooks.

 – Make a pre-hole with a screw.

 – Use a screw with a smaller diameter than the screw.

 – Fasten the pegs in the wood with the screwdriver.

 – Install hanging hooks on the wooden slats.

 – Install hanging shelves to store shoes.

Materials to make a pallet entryway cabinet

Brick chisel 





Wood screws 


Wood screw 

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