Cold Metallization: Giving A New Look To Old Objects

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With time, iron, copper, or cast iron objects become tarnished. Thus, to give them a new youth, cold metallization is a good solution. It is a process that allows you to give a new look to old objects. In this article, find out how to do it.

What is cold metallization?


Metallization consists of coating a surface or an object with metal. It is available in aluminum, zinc, tin, bronze, and copper on all supports. It is a process that takes the form of a metal powder that must be mixed with water, resin, or a specific gel. The mixture with water offers a more or less liquid paste.

On the other hand, mixing with gel or resin produces a paste that is rather sticky and easy to apply. There are qualified professionals who can offer you this service. The mixture is used with a brush, a roller, or a sprayer. But it depends on the object and the look you are looking for.

Its application is simple, like paint. It offers an excellent grip on all supports: rigid or flexible. In addition, it should be added that the application tool plays a determining role in the finish. Cold metallization can give a new look to your old objects and furniture. It can also be used as wall decoration.

How to apply cold metallization?

The implementation of cold metallization follows certain steps. You must take care of these steps in order to make the process successful. If you can’t do it, it is recommended to call a professional. This mixture, this paste, is going to be applied a bit like paint, using a brush, a roller, or a paint gun.

Once dry, after 24 to 48 hours, this metal coating has a dull appearance. To reveal the material and the color of the metal, the craftsman will have to perform many steps of sanding.

The substrate must be dry.

Before starting, make sure the object is dry. If it is very porous, it must receive a primer to limit the porosity.

Preparation of the coating


As mentioned above, you must mix the powder in the recommended proportions to obtain a more or less liquid paste. Indeed, for 1 kilo of powder, you need 120 ml of water. However, this may increase depending on the application tool. Also, it should be noted that it is the quantity of water that gives the fluidity. An application with a sprayer or a brush requires a large amount of water. Similarly, you can use a gel instead of water. Note that the mixture has a pot life of 2 hours.


After preparing the coating, proceed to apply the product in a thin layer. Apply another coat after the first one has dried to give depth effects.



After applying the product, let it dry. Then sand the surface. Sanding can be done with an orbital sander with 120, 600, 800, and 1000 grit. You can also use steel wool for surfaces that are not smooth. It will now be necessary to protect the metal with a varnish or a wax, depending on the use of the product. To provide more shine on bronze, zinc, copper, and other objects, you can apply the sanding paste with a brush and rub the surface with a clean cloth.

This will remove the excess product. After that, you should dust the object with a dry cloth. Apply either varnish or classic beeswax to provide extra protection. In short, this is how you can use cold metallization to give your old objects a new look. You can do it yourself or hire a professional.

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