Basic Craftsperson Tools for DIY Tasks (Part 3)

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Craftsperson Tools

Basic Craftsperson Tools for DIY Tasks (Part 3)

1. The electric screwdriver

Craftsperson Tools

This is invaluable if you have to screw repeatedly and tediously, for example, when assembling a piece of furniture in kit form.

An electric screwdriver is equipped with a speed sensor to adapt the force of the screwing to the task to be accomplished, and with interchangeable heads, it is cordless for easy handling. You should preferably choose one with a double battery, which will save you the wait for recharging in the case of a long DIY job.

You will also find more basic models called “cordless screwdrivers”, with less power and very practical.

Please note: there is a wide price range for screwdrivers, from $10 for the simplest models to $300 for impact and dual lithium battery models.

2. The clamp

Craftsperson Tools

A clamp is used to wedge, hold or hold one or more parts. It is essential if you are working alone or if an assembly must be held for a certain period, sometimes several hours, as in the case of gluing.

It has different sizes and consists of a long bar and two supports. We will find:

    – the screw clamp (from $5 to $30);

    – the joint clamp pliers (from $5 to $30);

    – the ratchet clamp (or “one hand” clamp), which allows you to tighten with only one hand (from $10 to $30);

    – the pump clamp ($30 to $60).

The tightening and loosening of the screw ensure the locking and unlocking. The pressure force varies from 1 to 500 kg, depending on the chosen model.

Our advice is to start with your toolbox or workbench and opt for a screw clamp.

3. The drill

Craftsperson Tools

With a maximum power of 1,000 watts, a drill will be handy for basic DIY work, such as drilling holes in a concrete wall.

However, if you’re doing more powerful work, you may want to consider renting the right equipment. More expensive than a basic drill, buying such a tool would not be a good idea (especially if you only need it once a year).

The most common models are equipped with a percussion that allows you to drill efficiently, from 40 mm in wood to 20 mm in concrete and 13 mm in steel. The percussion can be disengaged for more delicate drilling.

Note: The price of an impact drill ranges from $10 to $60 for corded models and $150 to $350 for cordless models.

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Good luck and good reading! Hope this post will be helpful to you. Remember to share your experience in the comments below.

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