The Steps To Make a Velvet Headboard

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For optimal comfort in your bedroom, it is essential to install a headboard. This is the piece of furniture attached to the upper part of the bed. It has both decorative and functional functions. It is possible to personalize it according to your desires. You can make a velvet headboard yourself. Discover all the steps to follow in the following article.


Define the Dimensions of Your Headboard

To define the dimensions of your headboard, take into account the dimensions of your bed and the configuration of your wall.


The standard width of a headboard is equal to the width of the bed. For example, if your bed is a double bed with a width of 140 cm, the width of your headboard is 140 cm. However, if you have ample space, you can increase the width by a few centimeters.


The height of the headboard depends on the style you want. The standard height is between 35 cm and 75 cm from the top of the mattress. However, if you want to give an impression of grandeur, you can increase the height. However, for visual harmony, the height of the headboard should not exceed the length of your bed. For example, if you have a Queen Size bed 160*200 cm, the height of your bed should not exceed 200 cm.


Determine the Shape of Your Headboard

The shape of your headboard should match the decoration of your room. In addition to the traditional square and rectangular shape, you can have headboard shapes in an arch, scallop, etc.


Choose the Style of Your Headboard

The style of your headboard should conform to your personality. You have the choice between 4 main types, namely :


  • The design (sober model with a neutral color),
  • Contemporary (a more refined style but less lavish than the design),
  • Oriental (with a bright and colorful hue)
  • Baroque (decoration characterized by a profusion of details).


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Gather the Necessary Tools and Materials

To make a headboard, you will need a pencil, a measuring tape, a stapler, a pair of scissors, a saw, and a drill. As for the materials, you will need a chipboard panel (preferable a solid but light wood, the quality of the wood is not required), a wadding in roll, and a velvet fabric (in the desired color or with patterns).


There are 4 steps to making a headboard:


The first step is to trace the determined shape on the wood panel with a pattern and cut the wood panel to the correct dimensions with a saw.


The second step is to cover the panel with absorbent cotton, staple the two materials together and remove the excess material in the corners. The entire panel must be covered with a sufficient amount of wadding. The part above the mattress must be covered with a thick layer of wadding. This will give a soft effect.


The third step is to cover the panel with velvet fabric. To do this, cut the fabric according to the measurements shown, but allow about 20 cm more than the panel’s dimensions. Then lay the material against the floor, but the outer side on the floor, followed by the panel. The padded side should be against the floor. Adjust their position and fold the fabric against the panel. Staple each side of the material to the back of the panel.


The fourth and final step is to attach the headboard. The method of attachment is the same for a floor or post headboard. Slide your headboard between your bed and your wall and mark locations for drilling. Then drill and attach the headboard using quality fasteners.

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