A Step-by-Step Guide To Make The Perfect Eye-shadow At Home.

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More and more people are going green nowadays, leaving behind the popular cosmetic brands that produce make-up full of toxic ingredients, and trying to make their own eye-shadows from scratch. Whether you have sensitive skin or are just very environmentally conscious, there is a different method that you can use to make your own eye shadow that is environment-friendly and won’t be abrasive to your skin.

A word of caution: Not every website is trustworthy when it comes to this sort of thing. While doing my research, I saw recipes with crayons, food coloring, and other such ingredients that are not meant to be near our eyes. 

In case of allergic reactions, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

eight silver round coins on white surface
DIY eyeshadow.

Mica Powder

Cosmetic mica powder is a fine mineral powder found on the internet, in beauty supply stores, and even in certain superstores. It is available in a wide range of colors, sometimes with shimmer or without, and in a number of pack sizes. Although you can build your eye shadow using a single hue of mica powder, you may create more distinctive and different colors by combining a variety. I suggest you only buy mica powder as it is meant for cosmetic use and is safe to use around the eyes compared to other powders that may cause irritation.

Loose Powder: Start by choosing your shade or making your own by mixing different colors. I suggest you follow a color palette so that you end up with a color that you like, rather than waste time and money experimenting. Then, store the eye-shadow in a small container.

blue and pink textile in close up photography
Mica Powder.

Pressed Powder: You may prefer to have a pressed eye shadow as it won’t spill easily. Start off with the same process as for the loose powder once you are satisfied with your color you can proceed with the powder binder. You will need to buy a powder binder and add it to your liquid little by little till you reach a wet sand consistency. Place the mixture into a small container, then place a paper towel on it, press using a coin or your thumb.

Repeat the ‘press’ step till it becomes compacted. Let it dry with the paper towel on top. Once it is 100 % dry, you can use your at-home pressed eye shadow.

Cream Eye-shadow: Making a cream shadow using mica powders is a more challenging technique requiring a few extra materials. On the other hand, this technique will give you a more vivid color.


– 1 tsp of shea butter.

– 24 drops of jojoba oil.

– 120 drops of glycerin.

– 12 drops of vitamin E.

– 2 ¼ tsp of mica powder.

Put the shea butter in the microwave and allow it to melt. Add the jojoba oil, glycerin, and vitamin E (use a different pipette for each ingredient). Last but not least, add your mica powder and mix till you get a homogeneous mixture. Place the mixture into a container and wait for a minimum of 24 hours before using it.

Making a homemade eye-shadow palette isn’t much more complicated. If you have an old, empty palette, just mix and pour the shadows into each slot. If you haven’t finished all the shades in your palette yet, don’t worry about it. You can find empty eye shadow palettes on the market today that you can use to achieve all your make-up desires! But do not forget that this is not compulsory. You can put your homemade eye-shadow in any container as long as you can close it. Let us know in the comments if you will try our homemade eye-shadow recipe…

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