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Once upon a time, you were the queen of jewelry. Not the super expensive and precious kind of jewelry, but rather the ones with original and catchy designs. You know, those elegantly crafted pieces that perfectly suit your style and that are personality lifters. You used to enjoy buying this handmade artistry. You still love them, but these days you can’t really afford spending on those unique ornaments.

We are here to give you a brilliant idea: how about making them yourself? Plus, most of these homemade pieces are usually created with items that can easily be found in your house, so why not? Don’t know where to start? No worries! We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve put together a list of 5 gorgeous DIY jewelry that you can make easily at home. Keep reading!


1. Stunning Original Shapes Earrings

If you feel guilty about sending too much paper to waste, these stunning DIY paper earrings will be ideal for you.

  • Directions:
    Get some thick paper (or you can glue some to a piece of cardboard) and add some glitters on it. You can then equip yourself with some fancy shape punch to create some original designs or simply find interesting patterns and cut two pieces in the chosen shapes.
    Then insert a hole in each piece for a jump ring and fish hook earring wire.


2. Colorful and Fruity Earrings

You don’t have to be in the kitchen to cook(make) them, but you can do them anywhere. They are quite similar to the unique shapes earrings, except these will be cut in the form of fruits.

  • Directions:
    If you are good at drawing, you can draw the fruit on the paper yourself. Otherwise, we advise that you either trace it from a fruit clipart or print the design, glue it on some paper and punch a hole in each fruit. Then, attach the earring hook to each piece of paper, and you’re done!


3. Funky Duct Tape Bangles

These days duct tapes are available in limitless colors and funky patterns. They are straightforward and fun to use when it comes to making cuff bangles. And if you have some kids, even better! This will make a great craft idea for them.

  • Directions:
    Get a roll of toilet/kitchen paper and wrap it with your fun duct tape. The snip through the roll depending on the size of the bangle you want. Finally, slice it vertically on one side so you can open it and wear it on the wrist. If you are more daring, these can even be used as ankle bracelets.


4. Fancy Lace Choker

Inspired from the Victorian era, this lace choker will definitely be a statement piece in your jewelry collection. Because the lace is always very delicate and subtle, this piece will also add a glamorous finish to your outfit.

  • Directions:
    Find a piece of lace (about 10.5 inches) that you like and 2 ribbons, each of 16.5 inches in length. Carefully cut out the part of lace that you want to use. Sew one ribbon on each end of the trimming. To wear it, simply tie the ribbons in a bow! If you want to add some bling-bling, you can pin a broach in the middle of the choker.


5. Lovely Button Rings

Over the years, we are sure that you’ve probably stocked a lot of buttons, clasps, and fasteners from old clothes. Instead of leaving them in your drawer unused, give them a new purpose, and upcycle them into lovely rings.



  • Directions:
    If there are rings on the back of your buttons (some are already flat), use pliers to remove them. Put some glue on the button and place it on an adjustable size ring, and you will have your fantastic button ring.

With these five marvelous DIY jewelry, you can be sure to add a special and unique touch to any of your outfits. If you have any other handmade jewelry ideas, leave them in the comments below.

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