15 DIY String Lights to Decorate Your Home Interior

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String lights are now a part of home decors as are curtains and artworks. String lights create an ambiance that cast a lovely warm glow in the dark corner and stands as a candle replacement for places where you don’t want to risk putting the whole room ablaze! For a long time now, there has been an increase in the supply in the batteries operated LED lights and these come with the advantage of less hassle in hanging them. So here are 15 DIY string lights decoration to light up your room in the most perfect way!

Mural Lights

For this, you will need a bunch of string lights, some double tape, and scissors. Design the lights on the wall according to your choice and voila it’s done!

Fairy Light Mirror

If you have a mirror in the hallway that always looks sad, then light it up with some string lights! Lights studded mirror will just create an amazing effect in the hallway.

Photo Framelights

For this, you will need some Polaroid photos, a roll of twine, some clothespins, and lights. Roll the string light around the twine and hang the photos with the clothespins!

Headboard Lights

Make your room light up by decorating your headboard with the string lights that will add a more warm touch to your room.

Lighting Up The Curtain Rails

If you have a window that you no longer use, then light up the window by installing string lights, hanging from the rails to the length of the curtains. Put the lights behind the curtains to create a warmer ambiance.

Bookshelf Lights

Adorn your bookshelf with LED string lights! If you have a bookcase that looks boring, then light it up. Illuminate the books by intertwining the lights around them and voila!

Frameless Fire Pit

For this, you will need a few dried branches, scotch tape, aluminum foil, a few laces, brush, a few rocks, and string lights. Cover the branches with the aluminum foil and the laces then cover it with scotch tape. Put the rocks in a form of a bonfire add the lights at the bottom and place the branches around the rocks. Light up the fire pit and voila!

Fall Leaf Garland

Add some fall effect to your home by adding a fall leaf garland in any room! You will need some leaves, a string, wax paper, an iron, glue, and string of Fairy lights. Preserve the leaves by sandwiching each leaf between two sheets of wax paper and ironing for a few seconds until the leaves have been sufficiently coated. Use some glue or another strong adhesive to attach the leaves in front of each light bulb.

Pumpkin Luminaries

There’s no need to wait for Halloween to decorate your house with pumpkin! Carve a pumpkin in and out, mark the places where you want to insert the lights from. Push the bulb halfway through each hole and place it wherever you want.

LED Stuffed Animals

If you have a lot of stuffed animals that you have discarded, then use it to decorate your room. For this, you will need a carved out stuffed animal, needle and thread, scissors, and a string of light. After carving the stuffed animal, insert the lights and sew it close. Place it wherever you want!

Colored Plastic Cup Garland

For this, you will need 10 to 15 colored plastic cups, an electronic drill, and string lights. Drill a hole at the base of the plastic cups and insert the lights through it and continue this process until the string of light ends. Hang it wherever you want. You can also use it to adorn your wall if you have no mural art!

Snow Globe Lights

Do you have some unused mason jars? Then put it at use by creating some lighted snow globe to decorate your home! You will need fake snow, white lights, decorations, and mason jars. Fill the mason jars to 2/3 then add the lights and cover it with more fake snow. Add the little decorations and light up the jars and voila your snow globes are ready!

DIY Chandelier

If you have a chandelier at home that you no longer use, then decorate it with fairy lights! For this, you will need battery-operated fairy lights and a ladder. With the help of the ladder, place the string lights around the chandelier and connect it to the wire relied on the chandelier.

Bottle Lights

Take a glass bottle, some battery-operated fairy lights, and an electronic drill. Make a hole at the bottom of the bottle and insert the lights through it and continue the process until the battery stays out. Place it wherever you want and switch it on. Replace the battery whenever there is the need to.

Statement Lights

Use a cardboard paper, map the words you want to illuminate and cut it out. Paste the lights around the words and voila it’s done! You can try with short words like love, peace, smile, or life.

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