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The DIY craze, commonly called “Do It Yourself”, is an eco-consumer concept that means “do it yourself”. It encourages people to become more autonomous and more responsible in the face of environmental emergencies. For a few years now, this art form has been growing rapidly around the world. We invite you today to embark on the universe of this extraordinary philosophy because of the many benefits it can provide.

The trend of “Do It Yourself


Whether it is in the field of DIY or food, the market for DIY tools and kitchen utensils has been growing rapidly in recent years. The creation of objects and DIY, with no profit motive, favors taking the initiative and personal development. It is indeed a philosophy that results primarily from the desire to create and a need for autonomy.

It is sometimes difficult to explain such a success in front of the businesses which propose nevertheless to the consumers which proposes to its customers a well-furnished card with various products of the soil. Its great dishes do not prevent people from preparing themselves tasty dishes, homemade, especially in this time of COVID.

It is especially after the succession of the various world economic crises, from 2007 until now, that one could note this phenomenon’s acceleration at a great speed. Indeed, “do it yourself” allows you to save a lot of money and is, in this sense, a survival strategy in case of crisis.

Moreover, this tendency also tends to develop in reaction to the heavy impacts of mass consumption. Many households now prefer to manufacture their own carpentry and furniture, personalized with pallets or other recycled objects. On the other hand, in the field of fashion, influencers are trying to revive the trend of old clothes and propose on social networks various DIY tips for the recovery of old jewelry.

The main actors in DIY

It should be noted that the Internet plays a major role in deploying this concept through various tutorials that encourage Internet users to make things by themselves. Indeed, this philosophy has touched a very large number of Internet users, and as proof, these tutorials are daily followed by millions of subscribers or curious people in search of originality. The actors of “Do It Yourself” are represented in almost all social categories.

Why should you adopt this philosophy?


The practice of “Do It Yourself” can have several advantages, among which we can mention

1. The development of a creative spirit by freeing your imagination

Sometimes, all you need is a little imagination and a creative mind to design beautiful things in all simplicity. Dare to play with different colors and shapes to get something that looks like you! In any case, know that the most important thing is that you can let your imagination work while taking your time, without rushing.

2. The value of your creation

In your eyes, and unconsciously, your creations are always worth more than what you can buy in stores. These authentic objects, with your image, will make you more proud because they cost you more time than money! Moreover, by dint of practicing with a lot of perseverance, you will end up surprising yourself with the very sophisticated objects you have created.

3. Doing it yourself also means taking care of the environment


The autonomy in the creation of objects or culinary arts allows you to live healthier and more naturally. Indeed, by choosing less polluting, simple, and basic raw materials, you are more concerned about ecology. Moreover, it is found that people tend to care much more about their creativity, in order to give them a better lifespan! This trend could be a factor that will lead to the reduction of overconsumption.

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