Pallets: An Essential Accessory for DIY Enthusiasts

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DIY allows you to create original objects. If you are good at DIY, you will not lack ideas to transform, for example, old cardboard or a used wooden pallet into decorative objects. Since we are talking about the wooden pallet, find some tips to convert it into a beautiful ornament in this article.

A Coffee Table

Are you tired of the traditional glass or stone coffee tables? Then dare to recover pallets and make your own DIY coffee table! To do this, you’ll need two industrial wood pallets that you’ll fasten together with wood or stainless steel screws and mounting brackets. To keep the pieces stable, use clamps. Be sure to carefully sand the surface of the pallets to remove any wood splinters. To give your table some practicality, feel free to add four wheels. Leave it in its raw state if you want to create a 100% salvage style. On the other hand, if you prefer the table to blend in with the decor, you can paint it in the colors of your living room.

A Bed Frame

How about turning your bedroom into a DIY temple? A pallet bed base will add a touch of originality to your cozy corner. To make it, take several pallets and attach them. Depending on the height you want, you’ll layer two or three layers. For a spacious room, opt for a box spring wider than the bed. This will create a stylish platform of sorts. However, don’t forget to sand the pallets to avoid injuring your feet with splinters. You can coat the pallets with a layer of varnish or paint for the finishing touches.

A Closed Chest of Drawers

A beautiful chest of drawers made of wooden pallets, how about that? Of course, the investment is more or less expensive, but it is always better to create your own custom chest of drawers. The number of pallets needed depends on the number of drawers. For more aesthetics, prefer pallets marked EUR EPAL. You can easily find them in import-export warehouses. These pallets are used for the transport of goods abroad. Resistant and strong, they are made from poplar or maritime pine, ideal furniture-making species. Coat your dresser with varnish when you’re done with the DIY session.

A Shoe Cabinet

If you’re tired of all those shoes lying around, make them an excellent storage unit. This piece of furniture is effortless to make. Using the right tools and several pallets assembled with screws or nails is all you need to set up your shoe cabinet. Depending on space availability and your taste, you can arrange it vertically (shelves) or horizontally (benches).

A Vertical Vegetable Garden

And yes! Your garden, terrace, or balcony also deserves its share of the cake. A pallet garden is an excellent way to show off your DIY skills. You can plant a few herbs, cactus varieties, or depolluting plants. An ingenious idea, isn’t it?

A Garden Lounge

If you are a fan of the bohemian style, you can’t do without a pallet garden room. Placed on your terrace, in your garden, or even in your indoor living room, this piece of furniture will perfectly adorn your relaxation area. A few cushions and plaids placed here and there, and it’s done! You must use several pallets to make this one.

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