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What kind of kid would want to wait for Halloween to wear an amazing superhero costume? No one, I think. Besides, even grown-ups like us, being confined at home due to the pandemic can be quite boring. Now, imagine how the kids would feel.  Children may be confined but their right to play and to have fun are not. So, why don’t we make this incredible no-sew Wonder Woman Costume for all those who have fierce Amazon princesses?

No-sew Wonder Woman Costume

Who isn’t a fan of Wonder Woman? I mean, I might be a guy, but I still admire her. Below you will find all the necessary materials and steps required for this incredible home-made costume.


Materials you will need:


  • Blue Skirt
  • Red Tank Top
  • White Vinyl
  • Gold Fabric
  • Red felt
  • Gold vinyl
  • Liquid Stitch
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Star Template and Star Punch
  • Velcro
  • Elastic


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Step 1 – Shirt: So, for the template on the skirt, you can either use a star paper punch or download the star templates from the Internet. With a pencil, you trace the star on the back of the gold vinyl. Then cut the stars out and position them in the desired place on the shirt. Once you have identified the correct locations of the stars, glue them with the liquid stitch. You can use a small brush to evenly spread the glue.


Step 2 – Belt: Now, measure the waist of your child and cut the vinyl accordingly. Place the vinyl strip on top of gold fabric to use as a guide and cut the gold fabric leaving a 1-½ inches on each side. Fold the gold fabric over the vinyl and glue down. Clothes pins can be used to keep the fabric in place.


Step 3 – Buckle: Cut the belt buckle out of vinyl using a 5-inch width and 5-inch length. Fold the rectangle in half-length wise and cut a 1-inch slant. Place it on the top of the gold fabric and cut the latter leaving a 1-½ inch allowance. Then, you fold the fabric over the vinyl and glue it down. Next, glue the gold belt buckle to one end of the belt and hold it in place with clothes pins until the glue is semi-dry. Finally, when the glue is dry, turn the belt over and add 3 or 4 strips of Velcro to the buckle. And now, for the star you can use a template from the Internet and trace it on red felt and glue it to the front of the belt buckle.


Step 4 – Shirt: Use the t-shirt as a guide to trace the neckline and arm openings on a piece of white paper. Then draw the heart-shaped bottom portion. Cut the template out and trace on the vinyl or scrap fabric. Place it over the gold fabric and cut out leaving a ½ inch allowance. Next, you fold and glue the bottom “heart-shaped” portion onto vinyl or scrap fabric. Glue it to the tank top, leaving the neckline and arm opening overlapping. Fold over the neckline and arm opening overhang and glue. One important tip that I would like to give you is that after gluing, make sure to iron the gold fabric so that it lays flat. Make sure you also use a towel as a barrier in between the fabric and the iron.


Step 5 – Cuffs: Measure your child’s wrists and cut the vinyl accordingly. Then cover it in gold fabric and glue it down. When it is dry, add a strip of Velcro to each end. With the star templates, trace and cut out two more red felt stars and glue one star on each cuff in the center.


Step 6 – Crown: Measure the front of your child’s forehead to prepare to make the crown’s template. Trace and cut the crown using vinyl and cover it in gold fabric. Ensure the front and back are completely covered with the gold fabric or else it will look messy. You can either glue the elastic to the crown or hand sew it. But personally, I think gluing is better. Finally, don’t forget to attach another red felt star to the center of the crown.


And there, you got your costume ready. So, please share your comments below and tell us what your kids think about it!



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