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When I was younger, one of my favorite activities was collecting bottle caps. Unfortunately, when I was younger, I didn’t know about DIY, so these old corks would stay in a box and go unused for years. Today, I love to find bottle cap projects that allow me to use them in creative and beautiful ways, so I am pleased to show you these ten bottle cap recycling projects that will add style to your home and wardrobe.

1. Adorable Do-it-yourself bottle cap Garden Flower

Bottle Cap Flowers | Etsy | Diy bottle cap crafts, Bottle cap crafts, Beer  cap crafts


This little flower would be a lovely addition to your garden or lawn. You make it out of bottle caps, and a can lid – it’s a great recycling project. Fold the bottle caps into petals and attach them to a recycled lid. Use different colored caps to create a truly unique flower or match them all together for a more uniform look.

2. Letter on the giant bottle cap

I like the idea of transforming old bottle caps into these giant monogrammed letters. You can create a full name or just use one letter, and these are perfect for decorating your fireplace or even putting your name on your front porch. They are also reasonably easy to make and are a great way to recycle those old bottle caps.

3. Recycled Bottle Caps: The State of the Art

No matter what condition you live in, this recycled bottle cap is a great way to show your pride in where you come from. It would be an excellent gift for people who already have everything else, and it is much easier to make than it looks. Simply sketch your condition in bottle caps and attach them to recycled wood or slats that you can get for about a dollar each.

4. Vintage bottle cap mirror

Beer bottle cap mirror | Beer bottle cap ideas, Beer bottle crafts, Bottle  cap crafts


This bottle cap lined mirror has a great vintage look, and you can easily make it with a bottle cap handle and an oval mirror – or any other shape you desire. Just glue the bottle caps to the mirror frame. So if you have a mirror with a relatively large frame, you can insert other bottle caps to make it unique.

5. Unique Recycled Bottle Cap Inspectors

Imagine how much fun your checkers game will be when you use these bottle caps as checkers. If you know someone who loves this game and is also a big fan of antique bottle caps, this is a marvelous gift idea. It is effortless to set up and gives you a unique and adorable checkers game that is sure to spark conversation when your friends and family visit you.

6. Bottle cap chime

Pin by Beatrix on Upcycling Recycling Repurposing | Bottle cap crafts, Bottle  cap art, Wind chimes


The chime of the bottle cap is one of the easiest to create.
One on Etsy for a little over 20 dollars and tons of bottle caps hang out. You can also recreate it if you prefer to do it yourself, with a base and wire to hang your bottle caps.

7. Coasters for bottle caps

You can turn these old bottle caps into large coasters and design them as you wish. Just choose your design and glue the bottle caps together. Line up your design on the cork, and then glue the corks together. Then simply cut out the design to make a unique large coaster.

8. Clock for beer capsule

You can turn these old beer capsules into a big clock for men who love their beers. Or you can use the capsules from soda bottles to make them more family-friendly. Get yourself a clock kit for this one, or an old clock that you’ll have no trouble reusing. I love this idea for the family room or even the kitchen above the table. It’s easy, and it gives you such a unique clock for the home.

9. Do-it-yourself Bottle Caps Jewelry

Bottle Cap Necklaces | Bottle cap jewelry, Bottle cap art, Bottle cap  necklace


Bottlecap jewelry is all the South’s rage and can be found in many boutiques and specialty stores. Of course, it’s not cheap. That’s why this DIY version is a bit better. You can turn these bottle caps into beautiful pendant necklaces or charm bracelets, and they are perfect gifts for pre-teens and teens, mainly if you use the capsules from their favorite sodas.

10. Neon necklace with a recycled bottle cap

Here’s another marvelous way to turn these bottle caps into jewelry. This one uses the inside of the bottle cap, which you paint in a bright neon color. Little girls and adults alike will love this one’s uniqueness, and it is so easy to make.

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