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Step 1: Draw and cut the elements of the box

Step 2: Assemble the cardboard.

Step 3: Prepare the cardboard for finishing.

Step 4: Decorate the cardboard storage box.

Where are you going to put all those little stuff that may be lying around but that you still want to keep handy? While plastic boxes are practical, they are not always aesthetically pleasing, which is why this post offer to make a customized cardboard storage box that will be useful for you at home.

Its design is simple: cardboard, kraft paper, glue, a few accessories – and here you have a box that stores everything without hiding.

Materials needed to make a cardboard storage box.

Paper pencil $0,50
Cutter $3 approx.
Sponge + Cloth $2
Flat brush Starting from $1
Ruler 60 cm $10 approx.
Tea saucers From your kitchen

1. Trace and cut the elements of the box

On a cardboard frame, a board of 120 cm × 80 cm by 0.4 cm thick:

– Trace and cut each piece that makes up the box and its lid one by one.

– Note the location of each element using a dry lead pencil of type H without pressing. For example, left side, right side, bottom, front, back…

Bottom of the box

The edges rest on the bottom, the right and left sides fit between the front and the back.

– Place your cardboard on the cutting mat.

– Start by tracing the box’s bottom: a square of 30 cm × 30 cm, then cut it with a cutter with a new blade and a heavy steel cutting ruler.

– Trace and cut the sides: 29.2 cm × 15 cm.

– Draw and cut the two remaining edges, front and back: 30 cm × 15 cm.

Good to know: it is possible to cut this type of cardboard with a backsaw. In this case, sand the cuts with fine sandpaper without forgetting to wear a protective mask.

The lid of the box

Trace and cut the lid of the box:

– 31.2 cm × 31.2 cm for the bottom.

– 30.4 cm × 3 cm for the sides.

– 31.2 cm × 3 cm for the front and back.

Tip: To check if you have a square, draw its diagonals and measure them: they must be the same length and perpendicular.

2. Assemble the cardboard

Start by assembling the box and then making the lid; the gluing kraft tape method is the same for the set.

– Prepare the gummed kraft strips.

– Prepare a saucer and put a clean, wet kitchen sponge inside.

– Cut strips of gummed kraft; they should be 0.5 cm shorter than the length of the box’s elements. For example: for a 30 cm side, the kraft strip should be 29.5 cm.

– Cut several strips in advance, knowing that the inside and outside of the joints must be krafted vertically and horizontally, so two strips of the same length each time.

– Place the elements that make up the box and the lid on your work surface; all parts must be identified.

Glue the kraft strips

– Place the bottom in front of you and take one side that you place perpendicularly on the bottom.

– Wet the entire strip of gummed kraft on the sponge by holding one end with one hand and holding the strip on the sponge with the other hand, pull it to wet all the gum.

– Start by gluing the inside by placing the paper strip half on the bottom and half on the side and check for squareness.

– Smooth with your hand, wipe with a clean, white cloth, and mark the fold of the corner made by the kraft using the folding machine.

– Take the contiguous side, place it on the bottom, wet the kraft strip, and glue the interior.

– Assemble the two sides from the inside and continue to assemble the box’s bottom, remembering each time to smooth the kraft paper and mark the corner with the folders.

– Cut new strips of kraft paper to the correct size and make all the outer joints horizontally and vertically.

– Finish the assembly by checking that all corners are square, rectify if necessary, and allow to dry overnight before finishing the box.

3. Prepare the box for finishing

– Apply a layer of vinyl glue diluted at a rate of 2 to 1 or two parts glue to one part water on the inside and outside of the box.

– Let dry overnight, away from heat and humidity, on a flat surface, putting a weight inside, like a book, to cover the surface.

Note: For exterior bottom exterior box gluing, wait until the box is completely dry.

4. Decorate the cardboard storage box

Before moving on to the decorative finish:

Apply a coat of gesso or a coat of fine smoothing plaster.

– Allow to dry and sand to obtain a nice smooth surface.

Then you can paint, napkin or decorative paper.

Tip: If you don’t want to apply a plaster coat, choose a thicker finish such as fabric or wallpaper.

That’s it. You are now done with making a cardboard storage box at home. Please, remember to share this post and leave your comments in the section below.

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