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Enjoy the summer sun and have fun, but don’t get burned! Summer is here, and all the time, we think about the beach and the warm sand that will soothe us from winter blunders. We love summer, but we have to be careful about excessive sun exposure. Sunburn is an inflammatory reaction caused by excessive exposure of our skin to ultraviolet rays. You are “burned” when the amount of sun exposure exceeds your body’s ability (specifically, the protective pigment melanin) to protect the skin. A sunburn can be irritating and can disrupt your entire day because it does not go away quickly.

To make your skin more beautiful, younger and softer, you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive cosmetics. A do-it-yourself mister will help you get smooth, not burning skin.

Some common sunburn treatments

Aloe vera is a popular sunburn treatment: this natural moisturizer is usually applied to affected skin areas by rubbing it on to re-hydrate the surface of dried and burned skin. Aloe vera creams and ointments are also popular because they may also contain other moisturizers ideal for dry or burned skin.

If your sunburn is extreme and painful (ouch!), baking soda may be your remedy. It is usually added to bathwater, and most sunburn sufferers say it is very effective in reducing sunburn pain. The recipe is simple: dissolve a cup of baking soda under the bath faucet and use it when you soak in a warm bathtub for about 30 minutes. This remedy spares you the tingling sensation of a shower.

For mild sunburns, a hot shower immediately after exposure will help. This can promote faster desquamation and quickly get rid of the discomfort.

Look at the labels of sunburn products.

A little advice: When you are in the sun, and you sweat, your pores open and absorb everything on your skin. So if you’ve been using store-bought sunscreens, mists, sprays, or lotions, read the labels and watch out for cancer-causing ingredients.

That’s why it’s much safer to make your remedies at home. That way, you know what’s in your product – and what gets into your skin!

Today’s recipe is a cool, soothing sunburn mist that can help reduce sunburn pain, speed healing, reduce the severity, and reduce or prevent flaking. It also ensures proper hydration while you are in the sun. With the fragrant aromas of essential oils, you’re sure to love this sunburn mist. Please take advantage of it!



9 drops of lavender

2 drops of peppermint

1 drop of spearmint

2 ounces of distilled water


1. Mix all the ingredients and place them in a spritz bottle.

2. Spray lightly on sunburnt areas of skin.

Customize your sunburn cooling spray

If you don’t have/don’t like lavender:

The following alternatives are soothing for sunburned skin:

  • Chamomile:
  • Geranium
  • Sandalwood
  • Neroli

If you don’t have/don’t like peppermint:

Peppermint is present in this blend because of the fresh feeling when applied in small doses to the skin. Other oils that may play a similar role:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea tree

If your sunburn is terrible:

Do not use peppermint. Although peppermint feels cool, used in small doses, and mild sunburns, it can feel more like a burning sensation if the skin is sensitive/burned. We don’t want that! You can omit it from the above recipe and add three more lavender drops (or chamomile). I recommend doing this if your burn is very severe (to the point of hurting the touch).

Please note that a mist last only for one summer season and there is no need to make in bulk! It is better to prepare some fresh mist to fight off the sunburn.

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