3 Exquisite DIY Rose Products for a Smooth Skin

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Who doesn’t like roses? These beautiful flowers come in a multitude of shades, including pure, pristine whites, soft blush pinks, and fiery reds. Their fragrance is even more exquisite and very distinctive from other flowers. And their beauty increases, even more, when you discover the meaning attached to these fabulous blooms. But when you notice the petals start to fall off, you’re sad to see them fade away as if they are so worthless when they were once so precious.

How about giving these roses a purpose even after they’ve died and dried out? Besides being enjoyable to admire and smell, they have fantastic anti-inflammatory, soothing and cooling properties. And those can make them perfect ingredients for beauty products and natural remedies. Are you yearning to know more and make your own products made of roses? Keep reading!

Which Type of Roses Should You Use?

Traditional and wild types of roses are the best choices when it comes to making DIY products with these flowers. Yet, if you only have hybrid types of roses, they can also work for beauty DIYs and herbal remedies.

Rose Products


1. Rose Infused Oil

Rose oil can be used in many other rose product recipes and can be kept for about 9 months to one year and can be rub gently on your skin every night for smooth results.

Some dried rose petals and twice as much as almond oil (or with the oil of your preference)

Fill a jar about half-way up with your dried rose petals. Then, cover the petals with the oil.

You will then have two options:
either you infuse it quickly (or if infusing with coconut oil) by putting the container in a saucepan filled with some water over a low burner for a few hours. Keep looking after the water, making sure that it does not evaporate. Remove from the heat and strain.
or you go for a slower infusion and simply close the jar and kept aside for around 4 to 6 weeks. Shake occasionally, and when it has complete infuse, strain the liquid.


2. Rose Lotion Bars

Rose lotion bars are simple to make and are fantastic to heal and soothe irritated and damaged skin. These can also make lovely gifts.

Rose Petal Body Lotion Bar | Apple & Radish

¼ cup of rose-infused oil
¼ cup of beeswax
¼ cup of shea/cocoa butter
A few drops of rose essential oil

Put the infused oil, butter, and beeswax into a small jar, which you can then place in a saucepan that contains some inches of water. Heat over medium to low heat until the butter and beeswax have melted. Remove the jar from the saucepan and after it cooled off, add in the essential oil. Pour the mixture into a silicone mold and leave it aside until it solidifies. And here you have your rose lotion bar.


3. Rose Skin Soother

This rose product can be used for various skin conditions, including bug bites, sunburn, rashes, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, minor cuts, and razor burn. You can simply rub a small amount of it on the skin irritations. Since this soother is a mixture of both aloe and rose, which both have soothing properties, it will offer quick relief.


¼ cup of aloe vera gel
¼ cup of fresh rose petals

Thoroughly blend the petals and aloe vera gel in a blender. After mixing, strain the liquid from the petal pieces and make sure to squeeze well to get all the drops out of the thick mixture. Store this soothing gel in the fridge that should stay fresh for about a week.


With these 3 easy DIY Rose products, you can trust to add value to your skincare products. Make sure you use them regularly to feel and smell like roses every time, but most of all, to take care of your skin. What are your secret roses recipes? Don’t forget to share them with us in the comments below.

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