Ingeniously Creative Ways to Recycle, Reuse and Reimagine Your Old Denim Jeans

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Jeans are (in my opinion) a perfect garment. They are resistant, comfortable, durable … I am sure that if you like jeans, you have a few accumulated in the closet that you no longer wear but don’t want to dump! But just because jeans are no longer part of our outfit, it does not mean that we can no longer use them. As we know, everything is recycled nowadays, even the weirdest things. So, let’s check out how your unwanted denim can be recycled creatively!


Lined Notebook

 A jean-lined notebook may be just what you need to stand out from all your classmates. Take those old jeans, take the measurements, cut and paste the jean in the notebook, it will look great. 


Small Bag

With the two back pockets of the denim pants, you can make a beautiful bag. Join them by the edges and add a strap. Ready!


Perfect Pocket to Charge Your Smartphones

One common problem that we all face is not finding a place to leave our cell phones while charging them. A fun and straightforward solution are when you take your trouser pocket and hold it just like in the previous idea, only this time with a smaller strap. Very practical!


Wall Organizers

Whether it’s to hang your keys, sewing utensils, or tools, a wall organizer is always convenient. And if it is also original and unique, much better, right?

As simple as ABC, this idea only involves cutting your jeans’ pockets and hanging them on the wall with the combination you like the most. You can add a frame to them, sew them to fabric, or just hook them to the wall.



To make puff with old jeans, use the legs for the width and rest the covers’ circles. Fill as you prefer. It is perfect for decorating a teenage bedroom. 


Original Cushions

Make your own cushion for that salt armchair or that rocking chair you have in a particular corner of your home. This idea can be carried out in different ways; our favorite is to make a mosaic creating an original and unique drawing. You will have to buy padding or use an old cushion that you have at home and sew the cowboy pieces to each other until you complete the cover.


Bottle Cover

The best thing about this bottle cover is that you can also use it to store the bottle opener or whatever you need. 


Casual Bag

Without a doubt, for a casual outfit, this bag can be the note of originality. 


Storage Bags

Using jeans for the outer part and another fabric for the interior, this bag can be used to store everything.


Order Baskets

 These baskets are very decorative to the point that they are practical. You can give them many uses: as indoor flower pots, as a bathroom organization basket, or as a sewing basket (among many other options).


Remote Control Organizer for Your Sofa

 Do you spend more time looking for the remote in the living room than using it? Have all the controls close at hand with an organizer made from your old jeans. You can also add a pocket for your mobile or magazines. You just have to cut the pants’ leg and sew the pockets to your liking or cut the upper part of the pants in two.


Individual tablecloth

 Now that we can welcome our loved ones back home surprise your guests with these original placemats. You can make them simpler by merely cutting the denim fabric to the size you like the most or adding a pocket to each tablecloth to put the napkin or cutlery. Let your imagination fly!


Many of us have taken advantage of confinement to make the closet change. Others will do it this bad weather weekend. In that wardrobe change, have you discarded any old jeans or those that no longer fit? Take advantage of it to decorate your home! What do you think of these ideas? Do you have any more?

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