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Whether it is new material or not, homes can be beautified with simple creativity. Windows allow natural light from outside to enter the house; and so they are one of the best parts of the house to decorate. These decorations do not always have to be expensive and difficult.

In fact, materials that are not too useful at home can be one of the frills to decorate a window. From old belts, old patterned tablecloths to fabric shower curtains and even old jewelry – these can be used as beautiful collaterals to add a new look to home windows. DIY home decor and window coverings are becoming a fast-rising favorite among homemakers these days.

Here are some of the Do-It-Yourself spree to beautify household windows:

No-Sew Window Coverings

As easy as no sew, windows can have new accents and new vibes by using scarf, tablecloth, and fabric shower curtain, as well as traditional jewelry. By simply putting on a color and decorating the current curtains with some ornaments, it can give an elusive look to the window. One can also put printed stickers that are made specifically for glass and made specifically for windows. This type of window treatment can be easily purchased at any home depot and can also help in blocking light from entering our homes. Plastic gems and trinkets can also be glued into windows to give them a different texture and look.

Gold Necklace

With plain and printed curtains at home, a gold chain can be used to open up the window a bit. In keeping with style and extravagance, gold chain can add visual appeal to windows. Gold chains can be purchased practically anywhere, but you can also make your own version, without extra money, by simply dipping rope in gold paint. Seal it with a paint sealer and you have something as beautiful as the ones bought in stores.

Stenciled curtains

Let your creativity run wild and use some paint. Stenciled curtains can be adapted to any motif in the house. Fixed patterns, no matter how big or small, can transform a plain curtain into its new attractive form. You can even spend a weekend with the kids doing stenciling as a group. It would definitely be a fun and memorable experience for the whole family. You can even stencil designs into your plantation shutters to define and personalize its appearance.

Leather belt tie

If gold chains are not present and leather belts are starting to wear out as an everyday outfit to use, they can be used to secure window curtains. Turn those curtains into some fashion statement and still use old-fashioned belts around the house. You can add rhinestones or paint the belts a different color to upgrade the look.

Knotted Chiffon Cafe Curtains.

In addition to traditional whole curtains, various chiffon fabrics lying around at home can be knotted side by side until they become curtains. This technique can give a relaxed and airy atmosphere in the home with just a simple use of chiffon fabric, curtain rod, and scissors.

Decorating your home does not have to be expensive. With a little ingenuity and resourcefulness, even the most unlikely materials in your homes can become a one-of-a-kind decor and accessory for your simple home.

One of the interesting DIY projects that one can add in their homes is plantation shutters. The cost is not always expensive, but comparing plantation shutters cost with that of the DIY ones can prove a significant difference in your savings. If you prefer an instant change in the look of your home minus the hassle, ready-made plantation shutters is advised.


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