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It’s time to start creating your own pillows with the simple steps we give you to do it. You can create them in different fabrics, shapes, and colors. The limit is your creativity. You will stop sleeping uncomfortable and discover how to make a pillow yourself with the filling you need. It may be an excellent time to dust off that sewing machine and put it to fair use. You don’t need to be a sewing professional to be able to close your pillows. You will no longer have to buy cushions. Now your designs will be the ones that decorate your bed. If you want to change your room style totally, you can know how to reform a bedroom.


How To Make A Simple Pillow?

How to make a square or rectangular pillow will take a few minutes to get it ready. It is the easiest to do and the one that will take the least time to prepare it. You decide the pillow’s size, keeping in mind that you must increase one centimeter to all measurements on that size. To sew, you must do it in a straight line; the outer face of your pillow, in this case, must be on the inside at the time of sewing the fabric. Fold the edges to make the linear seam. Remember to leave the seam allowance of about a centimeter. Once you have sewn three sides of your fabric, flip it over to leave out the outer side of your pillow.


If wrinkles have been created in the fabric, this is the time to iron before filling. Take the filling of your choice, whether it be cotton, feathers, or scraps of fabric. Evenly fill the pillow until finished, trying not to leave holes in the pillow. To complete the edge that you have left for the very last side, fold it inwards, ensuring that the edge is well hidden. Your pillow will be ready in minutes. The filling of your pillow may vary depending on the use you are going to give it. If it is to rest, try to use cotton and not fill too much to avoid being too rigid and uncomfortable, leaving your head very high. Knowing how to make a pillow is not difficult to learn.


How To Make A Felt Pillow?

This type of pillow is widely used to decorate the living room of the house. Change those old pillows that have lost their color, knowing how to make a felt pillow. You do not need to be an expert to decorate with this material. It is about creating a pillow design that you have previously made with a stiffer filling. 


Cut out two rectangles of felt one centimeter larger than the size of your pillow. Sew the felt onto your pillow in the same way you sewed the last side of your pillow earlier. You can make different designs with felt. Create the shapes, glue, or sew them on your pillow and finish a fantastic design for your living room. You can play with the patterns and designs by making decorations on your pillow with circles or colored lines. 


How To Make A Travel Or Neck Pillow?

There are all kinds of pillows, and travel pillows are usually one of the most important. Indispensable for a long trip, they come at a high cost, so we will show you how to make a travel pillow. You can give more use to part of the trips, for example, to watch television.


Remember that you choose the type of fabric. For this type of pillow, we recommend using two different colors to have a good design. First, you must draw the shape of your pillow on a piece of cardboard one centimeter larger than indicated. Cut out the drawing and place it on the fabrics. That’s one of the most original ways to make a pillow.

On each cloth, with chalk, outline the cardboard. 


Cut out each of the pictures and place each piece of fabric one on top of the other. Do not forget to put the outer faces in the seam you are going to make. This time it is better to use a sewing machine. Sew the fabric leaving a small space to fill it. Before starting to fill, you should turn the pillow over to expose the outer faces. Fill the entire cushion with wadding, but avoid stuffing too much, or it may become uncomfortable for your trip. Once you have completely filled in, sew the last part of your pillow, and you are ready to go!


How To Make A Pillow: Types Of Filling  

You already know how to make a pillow of different shapes and sizes. The process is similar, but the filling may vary. The padding you use can determine the life of your cushion. The feathers or down fillings are long-lasting and firm so that your pillow does not deform so quickly.


The latex fillings are ideal to adapt to the neck and your head. They do not accumulate dust; they are antiallergic and breathable. Also, it provides ease in washing so that it can be the perfect pillow for rest. The foam can be a great choice depending on some points you should consider: the foam thickness, density, and shape are details you should consider when purchasing the material. The viscoelastic material is regarded as one of the best options for the manufacture of pillows. This material can take the shape of your neck for comfort. It can be a problem for those sleeping on their side since they do not find enough support.


There you go! You have now become the master of making your own pillow with amazing materials! Create the designs you want from these tips and enjoy a good rest either in your room or in the living room. Take advantage of your free time to enjoy doing what you like.


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