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Halloween is almost here, and you still have time to give your children spooky costumes in the shape of candy. But come to think of it, it’s not practical to buy an outfit from the children’s department of your local mall, because the following year, your children will be bigger and taller, and their costumes will be outdated.

A better way to solve this problem is to do some crafts or do it yourself. You can save a lot of money on crafting Halloween costumes for children because you won’t waste a few dollars per child every year. Even if you spend a few dollars, it won’t be such a waste of money later on, especially if you buy small items to complete the look of your children’s costumes.

To create costumes from regular clothing and materials available at home, you need to think about your children’s themes or characters first. If you are like most parents who don’t have time for craft projects, you can always use what is available and easy to make.

Below you will find 5 do-it-yourself Halloween costumes that are easy and inexpensive to make:

#1. The Black Ninja

Easy DIY Ninja Costume for Kids | HGTV

It’s very simple to make, and you just need to wear a black long-sleeved shirt, black pants or tracksuit, black socks and shoes [preferably sneakers], and a black ski mask. They can look like burglars if they don’t have ninja swords, and you can make them out of cardboard and silver paper. You can also add a colored belt to each one using thin scraps of fabric that you can get for free at craft stores or from your local seamstress.

Your children can form a band of ninjas, and you can also change the color of their costumes using colored shirts and pants.

#2. The Breakdancer

Hip Hop 2018 Kids Spring Street Dance Clothing Set Children's Wear Breakdancing Clothes Boys Tops + Haren Pants 2 Pcs Suit A318|Clothing Sets| - AliExpress

Now it’s pretty easy. Look in your child’s wardrobe, and chances are he or she has a hat, a hooded jacket, and a printed shirt. Jeans and sneakers are always promising segments for this look. You can also add a simple glove to complete the look and, of course, a proper hairstyle. Your child may look like an ordinary child in this way, but adding a cardboard sounding accessory that they can wear will do the trick. Make this accessory their treat bag by creating it using a box with an opening and a latch to secure the treats inside.

#3. Mummy Kiddos

Girls Mummy Costume

Some people prefer to use standard fabric rolls to create a mummy, but it is better to use rolled paper towels because they are stronger and wider. Wrap paper towels around your children’s bodies, limbs, and heads, but do not cover the face. You can use make-up to create a scary look. Make sure your children wear shirts and tights or shorts underneath. They should also wear white socks and sneakers if they have white.

You can use regular glue to glue paper towels. Leave a few paper towels hanging and apply make-up to each child.

#4. Zombie children

Kids Zombie School Girl Costume | Walmart Canada

It is also very easy to create a zombie clan. All it takes is imagination and make-up to create a scary look for each child. As for their clothes, choose the ones that are already very worn, so you can make holes and tear some parts. You can layer their costumes by using good shirts on the bottom and torn ones on top. You can add blood and grime colors by using water-based dyes that you can buy in grocery or craft stores. Do this a few days before candy day so the dye can dry.

#5. Vampire Clan

Boys Classic Vampire Costume | Walmart Canada

Since Twilight is a popular book and movie, why not create a vampire clan from this popular saga. You can make your kids look like the Cullen or another clan. All it takes is a few stylish clothes that match the clan and some face powder to make their skin pale. You can add fake fangs to complete the look. But no contact lenses for kids. Just make them look like the Cullens by wearing similarly-styled light-colored clothes, or if you want them to look like the vicious clans or reds, you can make them wear darker clothes.

Not all parents have the time to create and design a costume from scratch. But with a little creativity and imagination, you’ll find that your children’s wardrobe has more than enough to make a Halloween character for them.

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