7 Wedding Favors That Will Make Your Guests Happy

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Adding a personal touch to your wedding favors is an idea that most couples are trying to do now. Certainly during this pandemic time, attending a wedding is a kind of different as it takes a lot to be contact with other people who are in the same place as you. During this time, most weddings are done with closed knits and friends and it is in these weddings that you can use a lot of creativity. One of the easiest ways to do so is through DIY wedding favors that is an inexpensive and give a personal touch to the gift making the guests feel privileged.

So if you are looking for DIY wedding favors, here are seven easy, affordable and completely cute DIY that will get you started.

1. Mixed Tape Favors – This is a better gift to your wedding guests as it will remind them of you whenever they listen to it. Even been around for decades, this DIY wedding favor is not something that you generally see in weddings. While compiling the CD, do make additional copies as there might be others who want it. Create a lovely and different CD case for each one of your guests.

2. Homemade Birdseed Hearts – The perfect DIY wedding favor is the little birdseed hearts as they not only symbolizes love, but it is also environmentally friendly and quite inexpensive to make. Mix the birdseed and mold it with cookie cutter or in silicone molds, then tie a nice ribbon or piece of twine to the top and you are all set. Add personalized tag to make it even more memorable.

3. Bath Soak – With the wedding done and dusted, why not gift your family and friends a bath soak that they can use to relax. Give your friends and family the gift of relaxation as they leave the party. To prepare this special gift, you need some sea salt, Epsom salt, and the essential oil of your choice in cute mason jar or pouch that will help in a calming bath soak that they are sure to love.

4. DIY Cocktails Kits – Perfect for giving your adult guests something to remind them of you, these cocktail kits are not that expensive when it comes to preparing and giving them on your wedding day. Print the directions for making the cocktail that you will be choosing to attach with a piece of twine to the mason jar. Do take into consideration each dietary requirement for each invitees.

5. Confetti Favors – This is something your guests will surely love. Make a mini treat bag and add some glitter confetti to the bag when it is done and you can even add some special message to your guests. The bag holds the favor and they can use the confetti to send you off in style when the festivities are over. So embellish your bags with your wedding date and a special thank you message that your guests will cherish forever.

6. DIY Burlap Coffee and Tea Bags – Burlap coffee and tea bags are great for your guests to be sure that you love them. Buy small burlap sacks or make them yourself, which is considered the best solution. Add the coffee beans or tea or a combination of both and tie them with the help of a ribbon or twine. Label them with the person’s name and a personal message that will brighten their evening or day.

7. Homemade Extracts Favors – Gift your guest the gift of deliciousness by choosing any flavor that you want or make a combination of different flavors and label them so that your guests can choose among their favorites. You just need to buy small bottles and make the extracts.

So the next time, someone needs a help for a wedding favors, you certainly have enough ideas to help them out!

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